Apologetics INC


Our speakers are here to help you understand why Christianity is true and satisfying and equip you to share this news with clarity and creativity. Our goal is to faithfully communicate difficult concepts and issues in a straightforward and applicable manner. We know it can be difficult to book the right speaker. So before committing to an event, we’ll speak with you in person to ensure that we bring your people exactly what they need.

Tom Woodward
Founder & Senior Lecturer
Mike Sherrard
President & Speaker
Alycia Wood
Matthew Mittelberg
Director of Content & Speaker
Megan Almon



Dave Engelhardt
Executive Director
Nick Shalna
Host, Universe Next Door
Ginnie Zemaitis
Director of 7×7 Conversations
Jenn Hollen
Office Administrator

Emily Marasco

Contributor & Social Media Manager


We are proud to partner with other ministries. Our affilitates have entered into a formal partnership with Apologetics, Inc. The purpose of the affiliation is to form a vocational friendship that enriches our work, the Christian voice, and the church with accessible resources.

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