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Emily Marasco

Contributor and Social Media Manager

Emily is a Contributor for Apologetics, Inc. who specializes in writing, social media and marketing production, and communications.

Her accolades include a B.A. in English and Theatre from Grove City College, written contributions to various collegiate magazines, the 2022 and 2023 Grove City College Best Actress Award in theatre and film respectively, and most importantly, a working master of wit and charm.

Emily currently resides in Washington, Pennsylvania with her husband, Matthew. When she’s not perusing in art museums, hosting tea parties, or longing for the English countryside, she’ll engage with the nearest bystander (usually her husband) on a few of her favourite topics:

  • What is “Meaning” and Why is It So Meaningful?
  • Defence of the Pro-Life Position 
  • What is Beauty and How Can I Identify It?
  • Reading Beyond the Byline: The Classic Authors You Really Should Read and Why
Emily Bio
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