Apologetics, Inc.


Apologetics Inc, is a platform for apologetics ministry. Find out how you can get involved today.

7x7 Conversations

Your students have questions and doubts, and sometimes you don’t have all the answers for them. Let us help you. 7x7 Conversations is a discipleship initiative that uses good questions and honest conversations to show why Jesus is worth following. Check out our user-friendly curriculum and supportive community.

CSLS Fellowship

The CSLS Fellowship is for professionals working in Christian apologetic-related areas. The Fellowship is open to ministry leaders and professionals in other fields. The purpose of the Fellowship is to form a vocational friendship that enriches our work, the Christian voice, and the church with accessible resources.

DNA and Beyond

DNA & Beyond is a unique DNA model and engaging curriculum that advances the understanding and appreciation of the physical sciences and of the world of genetics and molecular biology in particular. We strive to create a community of like-minded individuals who share our passion for science.

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