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Matthew Mittelberg

Director of Content & Speaker

Matthew Mittelberg is an experienced Christian teacher and apologist who has spoken to thousands at universities, churches, conferences, and youth events in both the US and the UK. He has led international missions teams in Europe and Asia, and his talks have been seen online hundreds of thousands of times. Matthew is passionate about helping people break through their intellectual barriers to belief, understand that faith in God makes sense, and begin a real relationship with Jesus.

Matthew completed his MA in Philosophy of Religion at Palm Beach Atlantic University, received his BA from Grand Canyon University, and a certificate in theology from Wycliffe Hall at Oxford University.

Matthew has spoken on a variety of topics. Some of his most popular talks include:

• Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Missing Messiah

• Are Miracles Possible?

• God and Evil: Can they Coexist?

• Does Doubt Demand Deconstruction?

• The God Hypothesis—does science point to God?

• Why Trust the Bible?

• Is Truth Dead?

• Is There a God?

• Who is God?

• Defending the Faith in the Modern World

• Enthusiastic Evangelism—how to share in a way that fits your personality

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