Apologetics, Inc.


Jean Bergeson

Development Director

Jean joined Apologetics, Inc. in 2024 and brings over a decade of experience in professional fundraising to our ministry. Jean has worked in the public sector and in Christian ministry, in addition to owning a business. Jean earned her Certified Fundraising Executive status in 2021 and has a B.A. in Business Administration from Amberton University in Dallas, Texas.  Her interests include historical fiction, creating comfort food, and spending time with family. 

She and her family have lived in various parts of the United States. She has adopted favorites from each area she incorporates into her life, such as BBQ and Tex-Mex from Dallas, a love of outdoor festivals from St. Louis, a passion for all things urban in Pittsburgh, and the Dutch community she found in the south suburbs of Chicago. Having moved so much, she has also enjoyed worshipping in many denominations – Anglican, Christian Reformed Church, Non-Denominational, Pentecostal, a Messianic Jewish Congregation – and she appreciates them all! She and her husband recently relocated to Clearwater, FL, near their adult children.

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