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Piers Morgan and Stephen Meyer teaming up to take on Dawkins? 

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Dr. Stephen Meyer, author of Return of the God Hypothesis, is killing it right now. He defended Christianity excellently on the Joe Rogan Podcast and was recently interviewed by Piers Morgan. Morgan, who can be a bit bullish and antagonistic, seemed to agree with Meyer on every point, and even teamed up with Meyer to challenge the arguments of Richard Dawkins and many atheists.  

Atheism is too small of a worldview. Inevitably, you bump into its edges and are troubled by its limits. Non-theistic worldviews don’t adequately explain the world we live in. Consequently, 88% of Americans believe in some “higher power” and seek some transcendent answer to the big questions in life. This interview is a perfect example. Throughout the interview, Piers Morgan expressed his dissatisfaction with atheist answers about the origin and meaning of life and was encouraged by Meyer’s scientific and philosophical arguments in defense of Christianity and the Gospel.  

It is time for all Christians to be ready and able to give convincing reasons for their faith. Millions of people like Morgan are looking to see who has serious and comprehensive answers to life’s biggest questions. Sadly, far too few seekers ever hear messages like the one Meyer delivered.  It is time for the Church to step up. 

Every year, our speaking team at Apologetics, Inc. hears this complaint after one of our lectures: “Why hasn’t anyone ever told me this before?” It is a tragedy that the richness of Christianity, its robust answers, and its mountain of evidential support have been hidden from an entire generation. This must change, and it will take all of us. 

So, take a moment to watch this interview and learn from Meyer. He is one of the best and an example for us all to follow. And if our ministry can come alongside and help you reach people with the truth, goodness, and beauty of Jesus Christ, let us know. Our speakers are ready to serve.

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Michael C. Sherrard is the president of Apologetics, Inc., the author of Why You Matter and Relational Apologetics, and faculty at Summit Ministries.

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