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An Unexpected Friendship: Remembering Daniel Dennett

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I told very few people of my conversations with Professor Dennett, which is why when Premier Unbelievable reached out asking me to write an article on his passing, I was definitely surprised. Why did they ask me when they had no idea that I knew him? It turns out they were simply looking for an American apologist to comment on his passing and had just “happened” to ask me. Oh, the irony.

I don’t think I realized how sad I was about his passing until writing this article. When you spend time focusing on memories with a person, you can’t help but miss them. You can’t help but long for one more opportunity to connect. But I hope that this article helps paint perhaps a different view of the man who for many years took a very influential public stance on the non-existence of God. Of the thousands who read his work, most knew him from a distance. I hope this glimpse into the person of Daniel Dennett helps you see him anew:


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