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Mike's Topics (in alphabetical order)

Abortion and the Case for Life. Abortion affects millions of people every year, and if abortion is wrong, then 62 million innocent babies have been killed since Roe. Silence is not an appropriate response to abortion. This talk will make the case for life from science, philosophy, and scripture, offering hope to those who have been affected by abortion and those who are working to see it come to an end. In engaging abortion, this talk ultimately demonstrates the truthfulness of the Christian worldview and removes obstacles to the Gospel.

Dealing With Doubt. Doubt is a normal part of life, but it must be dealt with. This talk explores the three kinds of doubts (intellectual, emotional, and volitional) and how to address them appropriately. People are often shamed for their doubts and pressured into accepting what the group believes. This is not a biblical practice, and this talk will demonstrate how we should follow how Jesus treated doubters.

Five Proofs for the Existence of God.  There are good reasons to believe God exists. Faith isn’t wishful thinking; it is reasoned trust. In this talk, we will consider the moral, historical, cosmological, teleological, and existential arguments for God’s existence and learn ways to use these arguments in everyday faith conversations. 

Keeping the Faith in a Sexually Broken World. This talk offers a candid exploration of the challenges surrounding sexuality in the modern world, addressing three key components: understanding why it’s broken, unraveling the purpose of sexuality, and fostering compassion towards those who may not align with biblical perspectives on sexuality. God designed sex, and in following his plan, there is joy.

Pornography Unveiled: A Biblical Guide to Understanding and Conquering Porn. Pornography is hard to overcome because of its spiritual and physiological effects. This talk offers scientific and biblical insight to offer hope and freedom for those entrapped by porn. This is not just a man’s problem anymore, as the fastest-growing consumers of porn are women. A way out of this addiction is possible, but we must bring the issue to light and offer practical steps forward in a Gospel context. 

Relational Apologetics: Defending the Christian Faith with Holiness, Respect, and Truth. In a world where conversations about faith can often be divisive, Relational Apologetics offers a refreshing approach to engaging in meaningful and respectful dialogues. This talk explores the art of defending one’s beliefs not through confrontation but by fostering relationships built on holiness, respect, and truth. Answers are important, but knowing how to help one hear the truth is the key. 

Surviving the Moral Wasteland: Finding Purpose in an Ethically Fragmented Society. Ever wonder how, in one generation, “I’m a man trapped in a woman’s body” can become celebrated and not laughed at? Well, this talk sets our cultural moment in its proper historical context by explaining why our world has such moral chaos. It uses Nietzsche to set the stage and shows how our ethical systems are broken, leaving us without a way forward. This talk will highlight the importance of the Christian worldview in helping us avoid a Nietzschean dystopia if it isn’t too late.

The Problem of Evil: If God Is Good, Why Is His World So Bad? This talk grapples with the perplexing Problem of Evil, examining the apparent contradiction between a benevolent, all-powerful God and the existence of suffering in the world. Ultimately, this talk will show how the existence of evil is a reason to believe God exists and where we can find hope in the midst of a broken world. 

Understanding the Cost of a Post-Truth Culture. This talk will explore the repercussions of a post-truth culture on our collective understanding of reality and the erosion of values. With an emphasis on how an attack on truth is, in essence, an attack on Jesus, who proclaimed to be “the way, the truth, and the life,” we will consider effective tactics for engaging in meaningful conversations about the things that matter most.

Waking Up in a Woke Culture. It is easy to be overwhelmed by everything happening in the world. What can we do about it? Culture is rapidly changing, and the church seems to be one step behind. Is there any reason to be hopeful? There is. The current social upheaval has created opportunities for the Gospel, but we need to know how to seize them. Waking Up in a Woke Culture will help you better understand how we ended up in our cultural situation and how you can be a faithful ambassador in a society growing more hostile toward Christianity.

Why You Matter: How Your Quest for Meaning is Meaningless without God. If you have struggled with a sense of self-worth and direction in your life, or if you have a friend, colleague, or family member who is searching for meaning in a world of suffering, chaos, and uncertainty, Why You Matter will give you confidence that your life matters—but maybe not for the reasons you think. This talk shows that life is only meaningful if God exists and that understanding life’s meaning clarifies some of our most important questions: Who am? How should I treat others? What should I do with my life? How do I make sense of suffering? 

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