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Megan's Topics

The Case for Life — (30mins – 1hr) Learn to make and defend a winsome and compelling case for the pro-life view that will stand in the marketplace of ideas. Megan’s training will teach an audience to establish the humanity of the unborn with scientific reasons, and to ground the value of every human being philosophically. She seamlessly weaves her pro-life message with the Gospel, which encourages even those who disagree with her view at the outset. Megan has the ability to tailor this talk to any particular audience. 

Six Bad Ways that People Argue for Abortion – (45mins – 1hr) See the truth of the pro-life view shine by coming at it from the other side — the ways abortion advocates argue for abortion — and learn practical ways to respond.

Just Human — In a culture that reduces values to “just a,” to be “just human” doesn’t cut it, and the effects have been devastating. Learn how today’s culture answers the question, “What does it mean to be human?” And see how the Christian worldview shines when it tells us that to be “just human” is more than enough. 

Bioethics: An Overview — A general biblical approach to ethics at the fringes of life (and in between) as bioethics and related technologies continue to rapidly advance.

Beauty: The Art of War — We live in a culture that thinks it is obsessed with beauty, but beauty has been brushed aside as unimportant, something that is only “in the eye of the beholder.” As a result, we actually live in a culture that is starving for it. Megan demonstrates that beauty is not only real but vital. Learn how beauty has been defined, the effects that it has, and how it awakens longing within us. Explore beauty as it relates to God, to art, and to us; and leave knowing that every beautiful contribution you make is an act of defiance against brokenness and death.

The Bankruptcy of Moral Relativism —  Relativism will probably be the biggest confronter of these students as they leave home/church/school. Any claim to truth, especially truth religious or moral in nature is categorized as a preference by our world.  Students need to be able to recognize and combat this and make sure they haven’t relativized their own thoughts in regards to their Christian Convictions.

Lessons from Babylon —  Learning from Daniel and his friends in Babylon on how to engage our own culture effectively on some of today’s key issues.

Preparing Christian Students for College Challenges — What commonalities exist for those students who not only navigate young adulthood well, but thrive? Learn the intellectual challenges most prevalent on college campuses, how the Christian worldview shines in response, and which practices help the most.

Does What We Think About Marriage ‘Ring’ True? — (45mins – 1hr) A natural law approach to the question, “Is marriage real like gravity?” that locates marriage, the triad of father, mother, child[ren], as an essential part of the world we live in, and demonstrates its benefits to society through historical, sociological, and anthropological evidences.

The Great ‘Divorces’ — (45mins – 1 hr) (NOTE: Given in conjunction with Does What We Think About Marriage ‘Ring’ True?) If marriage is a part of reality, why has our definition of it shifted? A look at how the sexual revolution ‘divorced’ relationships between sex, marriage, and procreation, and what effects it has had on the air we breathe when it comes to those areas now.

Marriage & Sexuality – (45mins – 1 hr) A shortened combination of the above two talks “Does What We Think About Marriage ‘Ring’ True?” And  “The Great Divorces”

The Resurrection: A B.E.A.R. of an Argument — According to Paul, Christianity hinges on the Resurrection of Jesus. If he didn’t rise from the dead, our faith is in vain. If he did…it changes everything. Learn to argue for the validity of the Resurrection of Christ using the minimal facts that even the toughest critics of Christianity accept as historically accurate.

Tactics — How to discuss your Christian convictions. This can be an intro talk of a short length or a course that can be up to 6 hours in length. We discuss the best approaches to having productive and grace-filled discussions about Christianity in any setting. This course is directly modeled after the book Tactics, How to discuss your Christian Convictions by Greg Koukl.

Dating Discussion — (30mins – as long as needed) Student directed Q&A/discussion on the topic of dating. Megan and her husband, Tripp, often do this talk together. They usually begin by Biblically setting up the topic, sharing a bit of their story, and opening up the time to questions asked both publicly and anonymously. This is usually the highest attended open forum session at Summit Ministries where this talk originated.

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