Apologetics, Inc.

Megan Almon

Speaker and Author

Megan Almon, a former University of Georgia gymnast, worked as an awardwinning journalist until 2008, when she decided to pursue a career speaking and teaching about Christian apologetics — especially in the areas of bioethics and aesthetics.

She joined Life Training Institute in 2009, and was awarded an M.A. in Christian apologetics from Biola University in 2011. In 2023 she began a new chapter with the speaking team at Apologetics, Inc. Megan and her husband, Tripp — Director of Summit Semester for Summit Ministries — have been married since 2003 and have two children, Neely and Rogan. Megan enjoys spending time with her family at home in Manitou Springs, Colorado, and is still known to practice handstands in her kitchen. She has spoken to high school-and-college assemblies and classrooms, youth organizations, women’s groups, pregnancy care centers, congregations, and legislators both nationally and internationally on multiple topics.

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