Easter 2012 Newsletter

rejoice  EASTER HOPE  Greetings in the name of our Risen Lord Jesus, the Victorious One who is both Messiah and King of Kings, whose sacrifice for our sins and triumph over death was foretold by Israel's kings and prophets (Isa 53:5-12, Zech 12:10, Psalms 16 and 72).      We trust you will enjoy the photos below, along with highlights and comments shared (in italics) from our recent "Shaping Your DNA Destiny" conference held in late February. We were grateful for the enormously positive response from our attendees.  One wrote: "Your team aced it - you gave credit to the Designer!  It was great hearing the amazing new evidence of science from Dr. Michael Behe and Dr. Rick Sternberg. Dr. Woodward's talks and his questions at the end of each segment helped us to clarify the great truth which evaded Darwin's grasp!"

If your church or school may be interested in holding a seminar or mini-conference on this topic, or if you would like information on ordering an audio CD set from the conference, please contact us at information@apologetics.org.   Richest Easter blessings to you and yours!  We invite you to listen to our 30 minute YouTube.com video of Edwin Yamauchi (historian of the Ancient Near East) speaking on the Biblical and historical evidence for Christ's resurrection.  It was recently embedded on our apologetics.org webpage, along with two other video segments of Princeton University professors speaking about their faith in Christ. Click here to view Dr. Yamauchi's talk.

Our Special thanks to Dr. James P. Gills!

Dr. Gills and Calvary Baptist Church in Clearwater, FL, helped us plan and host this conference.    He was the mastermind behind the book we wrote together--The Mysterious Epigenome: What Lies Beyond DNA.  His vision for the book was to impact both physical and spiritual health with this exciting new revolution in biology, and our conference emphasized the same practical themes.  Dr. and Mrs. Gills are wonderful, inspirational friends of our ministry.  Also, Calvary Baptist Church and their staff helped us enormously in dozens of tangible ways.  THANK YOU!   You can order a copy of The Mysterious Epigenome at our website or by clicking here

beheMichael Behe:  Life's Irreducible Complexity is Clearer Than Ever

Lehigh University's world renowned biologist Mike Behe amazed our crowd with his two talks. He pointed to accumulating evidence for the fingerprints of design inside living cells.  He showed how genetic mutations, the supposed "raw material" of Darwinian evolution, have been shown to be utterly incapable of creating new complexity in the cell.  Mutations seem to be good at only one thing: "breaking things" in the cellular environment.  So Darwinian evolution seems increasingly untenable as a serious theory of origins.  

Dr. Behe also reviewed the chief criticisms of his book, "Darwin's Black Box," and refuted them one by one. (By the way, the weird object next to Dr. Behe is our new "histone spool" model with DNA wrapped around it. Tens of millions of these tiny histones help store DNA in each cell, and they are carefully marked with chemical tags and flags! See a closeup photo below.)

sternbergRichard Sternberg: The Strange New World of DNA

and the Epigenome


What mysterious partners have been found swirling around DNA in its "molecular dance"?   How has DNA's explosion of new complexity shown us that life is far more sophisticated and brilliantly designed than biologists ever imagined?    To answer such questions, Dr. Rick Sternberg "wowed" the conferees by his pair of talks which showed how additional layers of biological information are found in our cells above our DNA. Some act like a clever text-editor, and others help DNA to fold together so that it functions like a supercomputer.  Such discoveries raise new doubts about the Darwinian scenario--that "mutations and selection" have crafted all the interconnected wonders of living cells.

three of usTom and Normandy Woodward

with daughter, Karyn Smith

Comment from an attendee: 

The real star of the show was Karyn Smith in her "Epigenetic Workout" talk...I thought she might be good but she wasn't - she was great! Nothing kept her from her goal of sharing helpful incentives and biblical possibility-thinking so that we can know how a busy person could get fit.  She was inspiring! 

Karyn can be reached for individual fitness and nutrition help, or to give a conference on Biblical fitness and nutrition at: karynsmith247@gmail.com.

We are grateful for over 30 volunteers who helped Normandy with the conference.  She is our Director of Events and carefully planned the details of the conference to make it happen.  She also presented a Friday night Children's Creation Conference while adults and teens were learning about the epigenome.  At the end of Normandy's session, some of the children asked, "Can we do this class all over again?"

Normandy can be reached to give a children's conference at:



Chaplain & Mrs. Keith Kilgore

We are so grateful that the Kilgore family was able to travel from upper New York State to speak on "Jesse Kilgore's Story," dealing with issues of creation, education and practical spiritual health.  

Here is a comment from an attendee:

"It was stunning to hear Chaplain Kilgore's analogy to Darwin. ['I, like Darwin, have received university level training to prepare for Christian ministry, but I am asking and trying to answer the big questions about the origin of life and its meaning.'] Those who attended the conference could see more clearly from Chaplain Kilgore's talk the pitfalls of not having enough spiritual armor to prepare for those, like Richard Dawkins, who scream down Christ."

For more on the story of Jesse Kilgore, go to our webpage or click here.


Thank You for Praying!!

Normandy and I were blessed greatly at Christmas while visiting with Ruth, a godly, elderly saint who has prayed daily for us for more than fifteen years! We are so thankful for Ruth and many others who lift us up regularly. 

Please pray for God's direction and financial provision as (1) we plan a major conference in early 2013 on "Christ's Resurrection: Myth or History?" featuring Dr. Gary Habermas from Liberty University and (2) we continue work on our high-quality docu/drama of C. S. Lewis's journey to faith and his brilliant portrayal of the Good News to a confused world. 

Last, we have contacted several churches and radio hosts about presenting the story of the mysterious epigenome, the "symphony director" of our DNA (in this photo the DNA histone seems to be "waving its arms" at our conference!). We are eager to show God's amazingly complex design of life, which is orchestrated by Him for our physical and spiritual health.  PRAY that God would open the right doors in His timing!

In His grace,

Tom and Normandy Woodward