2013 Summer Update

Dear Friends of the Society,

We trust that you have been enjoying a wonderful summer.  Recently, the C.S. Lewis Society (turning 25!) enjoyed a fruitful time as its staff and board members gathered for a three day Strategic Planning Retreat.  We were excited to review God's goodness and faithfulness to us, and to see our vision and mission clarified. 

We are implementing improvements to more effectively engage students, professors and skeptics with biblical truth.  We are equally passionate about equipping believers so that they stand firm on the rock-solid foundations of our faith, and winsomely present to others the case for Christ.

One way we engage skeptics and equip Christians is our weekly radio program heard by audiences in five states.  In coming weeks, we will air a special series: "Christ, the Everlasting God-Man."  We encourage you to pray for and  tune in to those broadcasts.  Meanwhile, it gives us pleasure to announce a very special program guest this week.

Special Radio Broadcast This Saturday

On "The Universe Next Door":

Dr. John Lennox, of Oxford, UK 


John Lennox, this week's guest on "The Universe Next Door," is not only a professor at Oxford University; he has been compared frequently with an earlier Oxford scholar who did not hide his faith:  C.S. Lewis.   Lennox is the author of "God's Undertaker: Has Science Buried God?" and has debated the atheist-evangelist Richard Dawkins, not once, not twice, but four times!

The Society was greatly blessed to have him as our banquet speaker for a packed annual banquet in 2008, and this week, Dr. Lennox is back as our featured radio guest, chatting with Tom Woodward about his work in apologetics and his fond memories of attending lectures by C.S. Lewis while studying at Cambridge University.  Two of Dr. Lennox's newer books are featured:  "Gunning for God" and "God and Stephen Hawking: Whose Design Is It Anyway?"  Tune in for a delightful conversation with an Oxford don whose wit and wisdom has made him a 21st Century apostle to the skeptics!


As a reminder, our weekly radio broadcasts, aired each Saturday at 5:05 PM on AM 570 in Tampa Bay, are designed with two purposes in mind: 

(1) We present reasons and evidence for the truth of the Biblical worldview.  

(2) We explain the gospel of Christ as Redeemer and Risen Lord, and invite listeners to trust in Christ or strengthen their walk with Him. 

You can listen on your computer or ipad by logging onto www.bayword.com at 5:05 pm on Saturdays (Eastern) and clicking on the "Listen live" icon, or by accessing it later as a podcast.  Just go to www.bayword.com and click on broadcasts.  This program will be listed by the date of August 17.

If God lays it on your heart to contribute to the radio ministry that reaches thousands each week with the truth of the gospel, please contact us at information@apologetics.org

Thanking you for lifting us up as we reach out,

Tom and Normandy Woodward

A Note from the Director:   


 Once in a great while, I grade a paper that is a total joy to read:  technically perfect, brilliantly argued and forcefully written. I quickly jot "A++" on such a paper, as I begin to congratulate the student in detail.  

In the case of the newly released DVD, "Flight: The Genius of Birds,"  I'm recording an enthusiastic A++.  In a nutshell, the digital artists of Illustra Media have done it again! Their previous documentaries--"Unlocking the Mystery of Life," "The Privileged Planet," and "Metamorphosis," to name a few--  have taken viewers on unforgettable tours of the wonders of nature and the evidence of brilliant design. 

In "Flight," we learn of the intricately complex design of birds that enables their unique body architecture to develop in the embryo, and that equips hummingbirds to hover in mid-air. The attempt to track the mysterious migration of arctic terns--travelling non-stop over thousands of miles in their migration to Antarctica--is a mystery story so unusual that it boggles the imagination! 

There is so much more in this one-hour documentary, but I'll leave some of the visual surprises unmentioned.  I don't want to "spoil the plot"!   We now carry "Flight" in our webstore, and are planning a Tampa Bay premier in the next few months. Stay tuned!