Did You Know?

From Dr. Tom Woodward:

Did you know that the rock-solid core of Christian apologetics is the resurrection of Christ? And that Lee Strobel’s presentation of this evidence is beyond spectacular, involving his own journey as a feisty atheist journalist and dogged Christ-skeptic? A must see is our newly uploaded “Why Jesus?” talk by Lee Strobel at apologetics.org. Feast on this classic best-in-class video on how we know Christ is alive!

While you’re at it, take time to view both “The Case for Christ” films with the whole family! The earlier one, a Strobel-narrated documentary by Illustra Media, is superb. Yet the 2017 full length feature film, “The Case for Christ,” reliving the incredible life journey of Strobel, is simply off the chart. Many college students have told us, “This is by far the best Christian film I’ve ever seen!”