Did You Know?

From Dr. Tom Woodward:

“Explain what you mean!” Did you know these four words capture the essence of apologetics? It’s not just the “defense” or “vindication” of Christianity. There’s something more basic, which comes first: a “winsome explanation” of the Christian worldview, in its fierce competition with other worldviews being advertised today.
This is exciting… and radical. When we share the Good News, weaving in historical data of eyewitnesses of Christ’s resurrection in I Corinthians, we’re also doing apologetics! When a pastor teaches what Christianity says about God’s overarching master plan for us, he’s doing apologetics!
In our “Did you know?” series, we’ll share points of the Gospel and powerful supporting data, but for now, be sure to devour Greg Koukl’s brilliant award-winning bombshell, “The Story of Reality”! It’s the best short “explanation and vindication” of the Christian worldview we have ever seen. Also, catch Koukl’s brief video on our homepage here: https://apologetics.org/videos/welcome-to-apologetics.org/