Did You Know?

From Dr. Woodward:
Did you know that Christian apologetics is built on the solid foundation of Christ himself and spectacular messianic prophecies he fulfilled? One of the most shocking prophecies, implying that God, as a man, would die for us, is found lurking in the book of Zechariah, chapter 12. Verse 10 mysteriously records God himself saying, “They will look upon me whom they have pierced and they will mourn for him as one mourns for an only son...”
John quotes this prophecy at the scene of the cross in John 19:37 and later embeds it in the vision of Christ in Revelation 1:7! In Luke 24, Jesus appeared to the apostles alive, and after showing them he was not a ghostly apparition, he reviewed many prophecies of his passion. Although the passages are not listed, we can be 99% confident that Zechariah 12:10 was near the top of his list!