Did You Know?

From Dr. Tom Woodward:

Did you know that we have just passed the 2/3rds-of-a-century” mark in celebrating the discovery of DNA? We celebrate this discovery with an annual "DNA Day", when 67 years ago, Dr. Francis Crick and Dr. James Watson discovered the double-helix structure of DNA and published their findings in the academic journal Nature!

This was the great turning point that revolutionized biology and birthed modern genetics. Soon, RNA was discovered, along with the wizardry of ribosome machines, whose job it is to assemble proteins using the blueprints inscribed in DNA.

We highly recommend an incredible documentary on the discovery of DNA and proteins called Unlocking the Mystery of Life” –and it is now available for free in many foreign languages on the internet! Visit the link below to watch an English version with Polish subtitles! 

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