Did You Know?

From Dr. Tom Woodward:  

Did you know that human DNA not only stores the blueprints for constructing thousands of proteins necessary for life, but that our 46 chromosomes are fitted together precisely for cross-talk? It is clear that their 3D arrangement sets up chemical conversations between sections of DNA in two chromosomes that are snuggled up next to each other. This adds another layer of information in our DNA!

Its a bit of a shock to learn that genes are having conversations! In the peer-reviewed journal Journal of Cell Biology,” scientists even compared this with smooching. From their article entitled Interchromosomal interactions: A genomic love story of kissing chromosomes,” they conclude that interchromosomal conversations are necessary for healthy DNA operation.

In Psalm 139, David exulted that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.” Modern genetics seconds that motion, eavesdropping on the kisses and whispers of our DNA.