Was Christ a Copycat?

Every year around Easter there is a surge of skepticism about the existence of Jesus. Is it true that Jesus is just one of many gods said to have been born of a virgin, died, and resurrected? Those who encounter this claim online or elsewhere may start to wonder about the truth of New Testament history. Is the account of Christ simply a retelling of “dying and rising” pagan gods? If Jesus’ life does…

Why Is Jesus the Only Way to God?

People are constantly asking, “What’s so special about Jesus? Why is He the only way that someone can know God?”

Faith and Reason

by Keith Mathison

The Most Valuable Aim of Apologetics

by R.C. Sproul

Do We Make Our Own Meaning in Life?

Too often we write people off, assuming that the gospel could never appeal to them simply on account of their sexuality, or their education, or their history, or their temperament.

Grief and Lament Over Attack on Pittsburgh Synagogue

We are profoundly saddened by the horrific attack on the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh. Please join our team in praying for the victims' families, the first responders, and the Squirrel Hill community during this time. May God bring comfort and hope. RZIM’s Nathan Rittenhouse reflects on the reality of evil and offers words of lament and comfort in the aftermath of this despicable act in…

In Intellectual Neutral

by William Lane Craig

The Intelligent Design Movement

According to Darwinism, undirected natural causes are solely responsible for the origin and development of life. In particular, Darwinism rules out the possibility of God or any guiding intelligence playing a role in life’s origin and development. Within western culture Darwinism’s ascent has been truly meteoric. And yet throughout its ascent there have always been dissenters who regarded as inadequate…

More Excuses for Cambrian Non-Evolution

This collection of news, with more tomorrow, about the Cambrian explosion provides a taste of how evolutionists are dealing with Darwin’s doubt these days. It goes without saying that they are still completely ignoring the critique of Darwinian explanations coming from the intelligent design community. Instead, they keep looking for mindless natural processes that might have enough energy to blow things…

Yes, Intelligent Design Is Detectable by Science

Biologists have long recognized that many organized structures in living organisms — the elegant form and protective covering of the coiled nautilus; the interdependent parts of the vertebrate eye; the interlocking bones, muscles, and feathers of a bird wing — “give the appearance of having been designed for a purpose.”1 Before Darwin, biologists attributed the beauty, integrated complexity, and adaptation…