Summers Honors Institute

Announcing the Summer Honors Institute

The C.S. Lewis Society is delighted to team up with Trinity College in offering a strategic week-long Honors Seminar focusing on the crucial topic, "Knowing God in a Skeptical Age." It will be held July 21-25 on the Trinity College campus at the north end of Tampa Bay. It will be co-taught by Dr. Eric Bargerhuff, Professor of Theology and Director of the Honors Program, and Dr. Tom Woodward, who directs the C. S. Lewis Society and chairs the Trinity College Theology Division.  Dr. James Smith, Tampa cardiologist and biblical scholar, will guest lecture.

Students from all parts of the US and overseas are invited to experience this extraordinary week of learning.  Our target age range is 16 to 24.  The seminar is designed to equip qualified upper level high school and also college students to probe the knowledge of God in a time of unparalleled skepticism. 

The cost is only $500 for the week long seminar.  A three-hour credit course option is available through Trinity College for a discounted rate of $783.  Contact the Registrar's Office at 727-376-6911 for details. To receive an application, contact Dr. Eric Bargerhuff at Those attending from outside Tampa Bay may take advantage of a Room and Board Plan by also contacting Dr. Bargerhuff.