Huge Success of Florida Premiers of "Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth"

Filming of Living Waters     Sea Turtle from the film Living Waters

Nearly a thousand attended the November weekend premieres in Tampa Bay of the spectacular new "Living Waters" documentary film, riveted not only by breathtaking underwater photography but also the scientific case for design of intricate biological systems of sea creatures. Repeated ovations greeted both the film and the personal "behind the scenes" briefing, which was offered by producer/director Lad Allen, who co-hosted each of the three showings with C.S. Lewis Society Director Tom Woodward.

The two earlier Premieres, held on Saturday, November 7th, in Clearwater and Sarasota, were already described as "spectacular" by many observers, as nearly 600 attended and enjoyed the Q-and-A afterwards with Lad Allen and me.

But the third Premiere on Sunday night was different, hyper-exuberant, and truly climactic. The auditorium was completely packed; the atmosphere was electric. You could sense what kind of evening it would be, just from the explosion of sustained applause for Lad Allen as he stepped onto the stage to introduce the showing of "Living Waters."

After the showing of the film, which shocked many by its brilliance, there was a new round of boisterous applause as Lad rejoined Tom Woodward on stage answering key questions and interacting via Skype with Dr. Charles Thaxton, the chemist who helped launch the intelligent design research community 30 years ago. Aside: we even had "Happy 30th Anniversary, ID Movement!" cake to share with the crowd afterwards at Clearwater Community Church.

"Incredible!" was one reaction I heard over and over, along with.. "I was blown away" and "This was a fantastic event!" Nearly 200 copies of the film were snapped up by the crowds that came, but most of all, the entire flow of digitally-brilliant media from Illustra Media is now a "household reality" to nearly a thousand people in Tampa Bay.

So...maximum well-done kudos to Lad Allen of Illustra Media, along with co-producer Jerry Harned and the whole team. Tampa Bay has been marked by the exquisite display of the "Design of Life"! We'll never be the same.


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