Glimpse of Glory 2013 Fall Luncheon

Event Recap

Our Fall 2013 Sunday Luncheon honored the Christian life and testimony of our Society's namesake, C. S. Lewis, the 50th anniversary of his passing. On the same day that President John F. Kennedy died in a Dallas motorcade, "Jack" (as Lewis was known to friends) quietly passed away at his home in Oxford. In the swirling chaos of that week, the passing of the creator of Narnia went relatively unnoticed. 

Yet since that day, Lewis's brilliant life testimony for the truth of Christian faith has steadily grown. Our "Glimpse of Glory" lunch gathering was a celebration of an author and university professor who created beautiful new worlds to picture the divine reality of Christ and his redemption.

Almost 200 people listened as Dr. Woodward explained why and how Lewis became an enduring symbol of "intelligent faith", J.R.R. Tolkien's role in his journey, and why, after embracing Christ, did he become a humble servant of others in so many practical ways. He even risked rejection by Oxford University where he taught, as he went public with his God-discovery.

Event Information

Rusty Pelican Grand Ballroom
2425 N. Rocky Point Dr.
Tampa, FL 33607

Date & Time:
Sunday, November 17, 2013