Trinity College

The Center for University Ministries
A Ministry of Trinity College of Florida

Our Purpose

The Center for University Ministries seeks to equip Christians for more effective evangelism and discipleship among skeptics, students, and scholars through lectures, conferences, publications and campus and community ministries in Tampa Bay and beyond.

Our Perspective

The Center is an adjunct ministry of Trinity College and is committed to the basic truths of the historic Christian faith, as expressed in the College's Statement of Faith.  Our great concern is that a bold and tactful witness be initiated both locally and worldwide to university students and professors, and those skeptical of the claims of Christianity.  We sense a great opportunity to approach these men and women with the gospel now, as many of the great foundation-stones of atheism and skepticism are being vigorously attacked from within academia.

Our Projects

  1. Translate and distribute Unlocking the Mystery of Life into strategic languages and countries across the globe – (at least 3000 copies of the English version alone in 40+ countries)
  2. Continue pattern of open dialogue with skeptics in areas including the relative validity of Darwinism, questions about the existence of God, the problem of evil, the reliability of Scripture and other barriers to faith.
  3. Equip pastors and leaders across the globe with resources to explain and defend theistic realism and Biblical Christianity.
  4. Impact and equip scholars, skeptics and students across the United States and abroad with the knowledge of God’s loving gift of His Son for their sins and His extraordinary plan for their lives.

Our Past

Dr. Woodward ministered for several years to students and professors in the US and the Dominican Republic and developed a burden to teach Christian missionaries how to use of scientific and historical evidences for the Christian faith (apologetics) in their evangelism.  In 1988, he accepted a position at Trinity College and established the Center to provide the evangelism tools.

Since the founding of the Center, a number of ongoing ministries have been established, including:

  • Dr. Tom Woodward’s speaking ministry on campuses and in communities throughout the U.S., Latin America Europe and beyond. His many lectures include Is Atheism Collapsing, Why Darwin’s Ship is Sinking, The Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and more.
  • Lectures and Seminars presented through Campus Crusade's faculty outreach (Christian Leadership Ministries)
  • Translation and Distribution of key science and general apologetics resources including The Princeton Chronicles, Opening Darwin’s Black Box and Unlocking the Mystery of Life.

Board of Advisers

Dr. Ron Blue, Missions Professor
Dallas Theological Seminary

Mr. Jon Buell, President
Foundation for Thought and Ethics

Mr. William Fay, President
North Chemical Co.

Dr. Robert Kaita, Professor of Physics
Princeton University

Dr. David Keyes, Professor of Engineering
Yale University

Dr. Scott Luley, Director of Faculty
Ministries/Christian Leadership Ministries

Dr. Hugh Ross, President
Reasons to Believe

Dr. Charles Thaxton, Professor
The Julian Center