The Right Questions Truth, Meaning & Public Debate (hardcover)


The Right Questions Truth, Meaning & Public Debate (hardcover)

The Right Questions: Truth, Meaning & Public Debate (hardcover)
Phillip E. Johnson

Phillip Johnson wants to take the lid off public debate often suppressed by the intellectual elite of our society. Going far beyond matters of creation and evolution, Johnson calls for all true educators and leaders to openly pursue questions of ultimate concern. Questions about the meaning of human history, truth and liberty, education and religion in our pluralistic society. Questions about God and God's Word, Jesus Christ.

Johnson deftly demonstrates how the reigning naturalistic philosophy not only quenches public debate but also constrains our discussions to ask the wrong questions. For unless we start with the right questions, the ensuing deliberation will be framed by the assumptions of that very philosophy which must be challenged.

Provocative, personal, persuasive and prophetic, The Right Questions is certain to help us break free from our intellectual and spiritual captivity.

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