The Design Revolution


The Design Revolution

The Design Revolution (hardcover)

William A. Dembski, Foreword by Chuck Colson

Is Intelligent Design science?  Is it religion?  What exactly is it?

Mathematician and philosopher Bill Dembski sets out to answer some of the toughest and most pertinent questions concerning the rise of the Intelligent Design movement.  He offers 44 questions and answers about I.D. and attempts to sketch the road ahead for this important scientific revolution.  Provocative and readable.

"It will not do for those to whom Dembski has issued his challenge to rely on their standing or authority within the scientific and academic establishments to wave him away. The truth is that the honor and integrity of science are really at stake." -- Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University

"Dembski meaningfully moves the community of scientists and scholars along the path of investigating and understanding the momentous possibility that intelligence is an irreducible aspect of reality." -- Jeffrey M. Schwartz, M.D., Research Professor, UCLA Department of Psychiatry, author of The Mind and the Brain

"This book spells out clearly for the general public how and why the progress of modern science points strongly toward an intelligent designer. It answers the most common criticisms of design theory so deftly that it makes one wonder if dogged opponents of design have something on their minds other than pure science." -- Michael J. Behe, Professor of Biology, Lehigh University, author of Darwin's Black Box

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