The Design of Life


The Design of Life

"The Design of Life gives all interested parties in the debate hard scientific evidence they need to assess the true state of Darwin’s theory and of the theory of intelligent design. But it does much more: it carefully fosters the attitude of open inquiry that science needs not only to thrive but also to avoid becoming the plaything of special interests.”

From the Foreward - William S. Harris, Ph.D., Director of Nutrition and Metabolic Diseases Research, University of South Dakota

"Dembski lays the foundation for a research project aimed at answering one of the most fundamental scientific questions of our time: what is the maximal specified complexity that can be reasonably expected to emerge (in a given time frame) with and without various design assumptions.”

- Moshe Koppel, Bar-Ilan University, Israel – Re: No Free Lunch

"Wells is one of the leading lights of the emerging movement which is attempting scientifically to study evidence of intelligent design in the physical and biological realms.”

- Arthur Jones (Curriculum Consultant, UK), The Third Way 24 (February 2001): 28-29

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