Prophetic Untimeliness: A Challenge to the Idol


Prophetic Untimeliness: A Challenge to the Idol

Never have Christians tried to be so relevant. But never have Christians ended up so irrelevant. How can this be? The problem, says Os Guinness, is that our views of relevance and our efforts to redefine ourselves are captive to the seductions and pressures of our modern clock culture. Ironically, we end up as neither relevant nor faithful. And in the process we are in danger of losing not only our identity but our authority, our significance, and even our very soul.

Prophetic Untimeliness is a hard-hitting critique written with deep love for the church. It offers constructive suggestions for living with integrity in the midst of modern pressures and explores how to be truly relevant without being trivial or trendy. Inspired by C. S. Lewis, Guinness outlines a creative approach— "resistance thinking"— through which the pursuit of relevance is balanced by the disturbing truths of the gospel. Only by such prophetic untimeliness can we be faithful to Christ and speak with integrity and wisdom in a world that is hungry for some truly good news.

"An immensely thoughtful and provocative book, challenging some trends in our Christian culture and inviting us to reconsider and rediscover. A powerful read." -- Alister McGrath

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