DNA and the Good Life...

Exploring the Keys to Health and Life’s Deep Mysteries

On Saturday morning, April 14th, you are invited to embark on a vivid and exciting tour of the microscopic world of DNA and the genetic wonders of a human cell.  Sponsored by the C. S. Lewis  Society, the “DNA and the Good Life Seminar”  will be held from 9 am to 11:30 am at Grace Chapel, located at Eagle and Darby Roads, in Havertown, PA.   

This seminar is a journey of discovery, allowing you to meet the key players in this strange molecular universe, and discover some amazing keys to better health. Using computer graphics, music, and a live dramatic role-play, the seminar enables each attendee to enjoy a visually rich experience. We will experience up close the “new molecular friends” of DNA.  We will find out how to tune up our health and we’ll aim at unlocking some of life’s deepest and oldest mysteries.  

The presenter, Professor Tom Woodward of Trinity College of Florida, is a graduate, in the Department of History at Princeton University, and received his Ph.D. in Science Communication at the University of South Florida.  Working with eye surgeon James Gills, he co-authored  The Mysterious Epigenome:  What Lies Beyond DNA.  

During the seminar Dr. Woodward will do a “demo” of a new 38-inch twistable, unzippable model, “Dynamic DNA.” (See to the right where the model is held a Danish college graduate.) This new model—used by educators in the US, Switzerland, Bolivia, Spain, Denmark and Norway--is now available at a special introductory discount for attendees.

To see the model in action, go to dnaandbeyond.org and click on the YouTube link!

For more information, call 727-642-8574, or email  twoodward@trinitycollege.edu .