Dr. Tom Woodward

Thomas E. Woodward is a research professor and department chair of the theology department at Trinity College of Florida and a prominent Christian apologist.
Woodward has published widely defending intelligent design and refuting Darwin’s theory of evolution. Since 1988, he has been (Florida)director of Trinity College’s Center for University Ministries (CFUM). Woodward has also maintained an evangelical teaching and discipleship ministry and been head of the C.S.Lewis Society, which is housed at Trinity College.
Woodward did his doctoral work in the Department of Communication of the University of South Florida. His thesis, a history of the Intelligent Design movement, was published by Baker Books as “Doubts About Darwin” in 2003. “Darwin Strikes Back,” was released in 2006 and “The Mysterious Epigenome: What Lies Beyond DNA” in 2011.
Prior to this, Woodward served with UFM International (“Unevangelized Field Mission International”, a missionary organization now known as Crossworld) in the Dominican Republic. Woodward has a B.A. in History awarded by Princeton University and a Th. M. in Systematic Theology from the Dallas Theological Seminary.