C.S. Lewis Society

Our History

The C.S. Lewis Society began on the campus of Princeton University in 1975, as a forum for students to intelligently grapple with life’s toughest questions. The Society later transferred to the campus of Trinity College of Florida and is now expanding its ministry to campuses in Latin America, Europe, and Asia.

Recent Milestones

  • Our Alive Conference, focused on the evidence of Christ’s resurrection, was webcasted to an estimated 10,000 listeners in 10 countries in both English and Spanish.We receive 100,000 visitors/year from 50+ countries on this website
  • We recently presented the evidence for Christian faith at Georgetown University and more than two dozen atheists joined a large crowd that heard “Can Faith and Science Be Reconciled?”
  • Our weekly radio show “The Universe Next Door,” heard in five states, shares the good news—including true stories of students’ lives transformed by Christ--with about 15,000 per broadcast.
  • We made eight presentations to 6 cities in Columbia reaching an estimate of 1,800 souls and presented to four universities in Lima, Peru. 
  • We sponsored events at churches and equipped believers in greater Tampa Bay, the Washington, D.C. metro area, Ohio, New York and Rhode Island.
  • We hosted outreaches at Dartmouth College, and the Universities of Connecticut and Maine and presented at Yale University, Dartmouth, and St. Petersburg.
  • We hosted a “Co-Mission” summit of international missions leaders—representing thousands of missionaries—last February in Orlando, Florida. The two-day strategy session focused on re-energizing global outreach through the breakthroughs of Intelligent Design. We’re now working with the leaders who attended to deploy I.D. and other apologetics resources to front lines missionaries around the globe.

Current Ministries

  • Lee Strobel will be the keynote speaker at the Reasonable Faith Conference on March 2014 that we are co-sponsoring in Clearwater. Dr. Woodward and Josh McDowell's son will also be presenting. 
  • We are sponsoring  a C.S. Lewis Honors Institute on Apologetics and Theology at Trinity College of Florida in July of this year.  College students from across the U.S. are invited to attend.
  • Dr. Woodward has been invited to present at several ivy-league colleges on the west coast this year.
  • We are coordinating the translation and distribution of Unlocking the Mystery of Life, its sequel The Privileged Planet, and Icons of Evolution into 50 strategic languages. 
  • We have been invited to present our talks on "Evidence for Faith" at a major science and technology universtity in Edinburgh, Scotland and at universities and churches in Europe and Japan. 
  • We have established a ministry hub during the summer months in Cambridge, England, where we train campus workers in scientific debates and pre-evangelism and visit various ministries in Europe to equip them with information to counter the universal acid of Darwinian evolution.
  • We continue to partner in high-impact outreaches with many ministries including InterVarsity, International Fellowship of Evangelical Students, the Navigators, Faith & Law Forum on Capitol Hill, Christian Medical and Dental Association, Konos Connection, and Latin American Mission.

Founder and Presenter

Tom Woodward, PhD Tom is the Chief Executive Officer of C.S. Lewis Society and has been a professor at Trinity College of Florida, since 1988, teaching courses in science, philosophy, anthropology and communications. He previously chaired the Department of World Missions and presently is Chairman of the Department of Bible and Theology. Tom is a graduate of Princeton University, obtained his Th.M. in Systematic Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary and his Ph.D. from the University of South Florida. He authored Doubts About Darwin (DAD - a 2004 Book of the Year--Christianity Today magazine) and co-edited Darwinism Under the Microscope with Dr. James Gills. He has published articles in Christianity Today and Moody Monthly. His sequel to DAD, Darwin Fights Back, was released in  2006.


Dr. Woodward has held a number of debates with Dr. Michael Ruse and other leading Darwinists—on the campuses of the University of Delaware, Michigan State University, La Sapienza University in Rome, Italy, and Valencia Community College.  He debated Dr. Brian Alters on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” program.  He is open to participate in any debate on origins topics:  evolution, intelligent design, or the origin of life.   Other debate topics are the resurrection of Christ or the existence of God.


Dr. Woodward's talks concentrate on seeing God in Science and in studying the deeper Christian life as modeled in the writings of C.S. Lewis. Tailored to the age, intellect, and spiritual level of the listener, the presentations often uses props and video clips to connect with the audience.  Skeptics are invited to ask questions after the presentations.  The cost to book a presentation is modest and supports the ministry's outreach.  For more information email us at information.apologetics,org or fill out the contact info on  http://apologetics.dlbtampa.com/contact-us. Topics can be adapted to fill the available venue and the time slot – as short as 25 minutes or as long as 50 minutes and are listed as follows:

  • Shocked by Aslan:  The Creator of Narnia’s Explores the Brilliance of Christ’s Glory
  • C. S. Lewis, Ex-Atheist:  The Journey of a Skeptic who Became an Apostle
  • C. S. Lewis vs. the New Atheism:  What Might Lewis Say in a Debate with Richard Dawkins?
  • Creation in Stereo:  Key Evidence from Both of God’s Books--Scripture and Nature
  • The Universe Next Door:  Scientific Atheism, Buddhism, the New Age, or Christ?
  • Evolution, A Theory in Crisis:  Five Lines of Evidence that Embarrass Darwin
  • Can Faith and Science Be Reconciled?:   Exploring Proposals for “Peace and Harmony”
  • Will the Real God Please Stand Up?:  How We Know that God is Real and Christ is Alive
  • Truth, Pontius Pilate and the Tooth Fairy:  How to Check Out What’s Truly True
  • The Creator and the Cosmos:  Evidence for Design in Astronomy and Cosmology
  • Darwin’s Dilemma:  How Fossils Pose the Ultimate Challenge to Darwinism
  • The Signature of the Savior:  Explores how Christ is evident inthe Cosmos, Cell, Fossils, and History in a four-part series